Aren't we are all multiple nationals of sorts?

GROWING up in Australia with a name like Moeller, there has always been a question mark over how my German heritage has influenced who I am.

After all, the closest I have had to a direct family member actually living in Germany was my East Prussian great grandfather, and even he migrated to the Argentine before World War I and married an English woman.

I am not in touch with my Germaness, and yet I have been compelled to write about it. I have just finished my first novel about the plight of East Prussia during the invasion of the Red Army at the end of World War II. So it seems prescient indeed, on a personal level, this citizenship crisis that has invaded the parliament, should be playing out right now. The peripatetic nature of our forbears has had consequences for lives in ways they would never have imagined, and over many successive generations.

There is one contradiction in my mind regarding the situation of our offending parliamentarians, however, who find themselves British by descent.

I get they need to swear sole allegiance to our nation so there is no conflict of interest over decisions of international significance but, at least, in the case of Britain, is not our head of state British?

As citizens of The Commonwealth, already swearing allegiance to the Queen, do we not already all possess a form of duel nationality?

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