COMMENT: Lismore's old carpark dream finally coming true

SOME cities dream of wide, tree-lined boulevards, grand structures or beautiful parks, and it's true Lismore dreams of those sorts of things too.

But the dream we keep coming back to is the multi-storey carpark.

The carpark is something of an oddity in the imaginings of Lismore. It never quite makes front-of-stage, instead sitting like the drummer in whichever act it features in - up the back in the semi-dark, partially obscured by the grandness of a new cultural precinct or a redeveloped eat street.

MORE: Work begins on carpark for Lismore Base Hospital

It's an idea that seems to crop up with new dreams for the city, skipping from one to the next as each idea disintegrates in a tangle of dollars and practicality.

Now, suddenly it seems, it's real - or, at least there are the beginnings of a real hole in the ground that is clearly and definitely intended to one day become a multi-storey carpark.

Unlike some past dreams, such as the multi-storey carpark that had been intended in the 2006 cultural precinct vision, there are no real arguments with this one. Currently, to search for a place to park your car in the hospital precinct is to experience a little piece of Hell, and the situation isn't getting any better as the hospital grows.

So in that sense, parking "up", so to speak, simply makes sense.

Of course, that doesn't really explain our fixation, however indirect, on multi-storey carparks in the first place.

Maybe, like cathedrals and traffic congestion, it's just another sign that we really are a city.

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