HAPPY RESULT: Rickie John Price outside Ipswich Magistrates Court.
HAPPY RESULT: Rickie John Price outside Ipswich Magistrates Court. Contributed

Good Samaritan's offer of help met with threats

A GOOD Samaritan became the target of threats after he tried to help out a woman he thought was in danger.

The man had watched from his Springfield Lakes home as a woman outside was being chased down the street and yelled at by another man.

Fearing for her well-being, the witness invited the woman to come inside his house for her own safety.

The man chasing the woman, Rickie John Price, told the man to "mind his own business" or he would get "bashed in".

The man explained to Price that he just wanted to make sure the woman was okay.

Price told the man he had served time in jail and that he was prepared to go back as a consequence of "beating the man's face in".

In fear of his own safety, the man phoned the police. When the officers arrived, Price was fighting in the street with his brother-in-law.

When the police approached Price the 28-year-old warned them to be careful as he was a mixed martial arts fighter.

He was arrested, taken to the watchhouse and charged with one count of public nuisance.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday, Price pleaded guilty to the offence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston said the incident took place about 7.15pm on April 10.

Defence lawyer Erin Dwan said Price had overdosed on Valium during the time of the offending and as a result had little memory of the incident.

Ms Dwan said her client had been prescribed the Valium to help him cope with his anxiety.

She said Price was also suspected of having bipolar disorder but was waiting on a confirmed diagnosis.

The woman Price had been chasing was his sister, who was also in court to support her brother.

Magistrate Roger Stark noted Price had a "lengthy" criminal history but had no prior convictions for violence.

"It seems that your behaviour on the night of the incident was affected by an overuse of Valium," he said.

"That makes this offence far less serious than it would have otherwise been because your behaviour was awful.

"A member of the public was simply trying to assist someone he thought was in danger and you responded to him with threats."

Price was also charged with one count of breach of bail.

For all charges he was fined $500.

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