African All Stars to defend their title against us Legends

TODAY the council hosted its annual football (soccer) game against the African All Stars, a team made up from our local African community. If you read the Echo early enough, the game is 5pm at Workers Soccer club as both Oakes and Crozier fields are being upgraded.

We don't know the result yet, as I write this a few days before the paper goes out, but let's just say Lismore Legends (council) haven't had a good run lately. But we come back each year, to celebrate the contribution and diversity of this amazing city.

So the real winner is our increased hope tomorrow is better than yesterday

Also playing at today's game with the African side is Deng Thiak Adut, the NSW Australian of the year.

If anyone understands that tomorrow has to be better than yesterday, it is him. His story of overcoming tragedy and horror is one most of us can not imagine.

Yet at that game there will be many who have fled from the worst of circumstances, to share the best of who they are. Dent will also speak at City Hall after the game (7:30pm) to share his story and message of hope.

Come down and listen, ask questions, be involved, so you can understand the power of overcoming what seems like insurmountable obstacles.

One obstacle I feel is actually impossible is winning the annual battle of the river in Woodburn.

On Saturday they hold the riverside festival and we go down to defend our turf (North Woodburn) against a Richmond Valley crew.

It is wonderful to see people there to celebrate the river. Might see you there?

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