UNSUNG HERO: Adam Sellars, of Coolum, back on Coolum Beach where he rescued six people on his surfboard on Easter Sunday.
UNSUNG HERO: Adam Sellars, of Coolum, back on Coolum Beach where he rescued six people on his surfboard on Easter Sunday. Kristy Muir

Surfer who rescued six with his board hailed a hero

SIX swimmers. One old surfboard. And an unsung hero worthy of recognition.

When Adam Sellars headed back to his family after a surf at Coolum Beach on Easter Sunday, he thought he was going to stay dry for the rest of the day.

But as he sat overlooking the pumping 1.5-metre swell, he saw dozens of arms and hands frantically reaching out of the water.

Fifteen swimmers were swept to sea when a sandbank was suspected of collapsing.

"I looked out at the beach and I could see all these people with their hands up," Mr Sellars said.

"I was sitting with my sister-in-law and my little eight-month-old and I just knew I had to go back out there and save some people.

"I grabbed my old board and paddled out there to a couple first.

"The woman was struggling, probably 10 seconds from going under.

"I pulled her on to the board first and then her partner and then I saw a little fella who was about 10.

"I had all three of them on this ancient surfboard and I kicked in behind them."

Mr Sellars returned twice more to rescue three teenagers and paddle them in on the board.

He was joined by lifesavers who helped bring the remaining swimmers to safety.

When the ordeal was all over, Mr Sellars simply walked away, back to his family who were in awe watching on as the action unfolded.

But Mr Sellars was reluctant to take the hero tag.

"It all went really quickly," he said.

"It was over in about four minutes.

"It was just something you do in that situation.

"I have done my bronze (medallion) before and did a lot of swimming when I was younger, so being in the water is natural to me."

Buderim author and "Mr Body Language" Allan Pease praised Mr Sellars' heroics.

After hearing of his friend's bravery, Mr Pease said he was looking at nominating him for an award.

"Adam just thought nothing of it," Mr Pease said.

"He went back and forth ... to save those people in surf that was pretty savage.

"We reckon he is a hero."

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