We had a bad break-up ... so I trashed her house

A TOOWOOMBA man has been jailed for trashing his ex-girlfriend's home.

David Combarngo, 38, had been in a relationship with the victim woman for just a few weeks when the couple had a falling out and a "bad break-up" had resulted, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

The woman was away from her home in March last year when a drunken Combarngo had gone to her St George house, walked in and smashed a stereo, a hair dryer and two-way radio.

He later admitted to police he had returned to the house the next night and smashed the woman's television set, the court heard.

She returned to her house to find the damage and the pair had exchanged text messages in which Combarngo admitted to the destruction.

The court heard Combarngo had basically been on the run since but had handed himself into Toowoomba police on Tuesday.

He appeared in custody yesterday to plead guilty to both charges of burglary with intent to commit an offence as well as to breaching the probation and community service orders to which he was subject when committing the offences as well as to failing to appear in Toowoomba Magistrates Court to answer to the charges.

His solicitor Divina DeLeon told the court her client had been drunk and upset when he committed the damage which resulted from a bad relationship break-up.

Her client had wanted to attend the funerals of family members and had skipped his court date but he had voluntarily surrendered to police and made full admissions, she submitted.

Combarngo had only done five hours of the 150-hour community service order and had little compliance with the 18-month probation order, the court heard.

Magistrate Damian Carroll said Combarngo's offending was "very serious" and sentenced him to 12 months in jail, but ordered he be released on parole as of November 14 after having served four months.

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