Working mum Stacey Roberts, pictured with her daughters Abby, 22 months, and Pepper, 4 months, is mentoring other working mums on healthy eating habits.
Working mum Stacey Roberts, pictured with her daughters Abby, 22 months, and Pepper, 4 months, is mentoring other working mums on healthy eating habits. Brett Wortman

A saviour to help parents with pitfalls of dinner time

THE dreaded dinner-table battle of feeding veggies to unwilling children is a fight familiar to many mums.

Add the pressures of working life into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for a meltdown.

Now, vegetarian, food blogger, journalist and mother-of-two Stacey Roberts is set to join forces with mums all around Australia.

The mum and author of popular food blog Veggie Mama will be on hand to help busy mums struggling to incorporate veggies into their family's meals, as a Working Mums Masterclass mentor.

Stacey said she hoped becoming a "veggie mentor" would allow her to continue inspiring people to make healthy choices.

"I am really excited, because I find that when I teach other people I learn… it's a good thing to be able to help other people," she said.

The brainchild of event manager Penny Webb, sessions with a Working Mums Masterclass mentor can be conducted via Skype or landline.

Mums who are feeling the strain can choose from 14 mentors who will coach them through a variety of issues, from goal setting, getting fit and organising their home, through to cyber safety.

"It's a resource for mums who might not have the time to go to something traditional…it won't be a professional meeting, we'll probably both have kids on our laps," Stacey said.

Stacey certainly knows all about life as a working mum, juggling her work as a journalist, blogger and university tutor while caring for her two daughters, 22-month-old Abby and new addition, 4-month-old Pepper.

Stacey's blog Veggie Mama has become the go-to source of vegetarian inspiration for many, with more than 200 recipes and not a cube of tofu in sight.

Her go-to family meal after a long day is burritos.

"I just do a quick bean mix and chop up some vegetables and some corn off the cob. Everybody sits down and feeds themselves," she said.

But even food gurus have off days and Stacey knows first-hand the food pitfalls awaiting working mothers.

Stacey's hot tip to keep working mums fed?

Have lots of food prepared ahead of when you need it, so when the nappies or the phone calls are flying, you will not have to sacrifice a meal.

"I like to make a double batch of muffins and freeze them… and I like to have a tasting plate in the fridge because I like to graze," she said.

The Masterclasses, launched earlier this month, cost $69 for a 45-minute mentoring session.

"I hope people take advantage of the mentoring because it's all friendly, we're all here to help and it can really make a difference in their life," Stacey said.

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