A Bee Gee comes to Casino

As a one-time member of the Bee Gees and Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Vince Melouney’s credentials as an Australian music legend are pretty good.

He is currently staying with a friend at Kyogle and will be performing at the Triangle Room at the Commonwealth Hotel in Casino on Saturday, September 11.

Vince said the first half of the show features songs from both the Bee Gees and The Aztecs, but done on acoustic guitar with a backing track.

“I do them my own way, they are my own arrangements,” he said.

In fact he has been working on an album of this material and the backing tracks are the recordings that he made for the album. He also works in stories about the songs and about his time in two of Australia’s most successful bands into the show.

For the second half, Vince said he will strap on the electric guitar and play some full throttle rock ‘n roll.

At 65 years of age Vince said he is still fit and healthy and still loves playing.

“I’m so happy with the material I’ve been working on. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time on it... There are lots of wonderful songs that the audience will remember,” he said.

Vince recently played to 800 people at Twin Towns and said he will be gigging his way back to Melbourne and heading off to Europe next year. The show at the Commercial Hotel kicks off from 8pm and entry is $15.

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