Stars with Helen Hope

Be warned; Saturn, lord of time and karma, readying to leave Virgo, is active. The cosmic crash course in making humans more conscious and aware that all life is linked continues. Knowing this gives you a leading edge. Pay your dues and act with integrity. Saturday then marks an upward turn on your evolutionary journey.

ARIES: The Saturn action centres mainly in work, health and lifestyle areas. Picking up on every stitch every day stops things unravelling. Be your charming best Friday, no matter what, as quality interaction is important. Then you fully shine on Saturday. Blessings and excellent meetings around career or life direction. (Ditto for Thursday.)

TAURUS: Love, children and self-expression are areas Saturn is scrutinizing. Remember, a negative mindset only draws more destruction. The constructive attitude is the one to hold. And right effort can turn your life around. Saturday, you're magnetic to others and quality life chances. Remember diplomacy on Thursday and more breakthroughs await.

GEMINI: Home, family, real estate and inner self are under Saturn's keen gaze.

Affecting things here since September 2007, it's being checked how well lessons have been learned under Saturn's tutelage.

Doing your best passes all tests and also positively affects your professional potential. Saturday frames the doorway into new strength, love and understanding.

CANCER: The way you think and communicate is what Saturn's been working on. Daily habits too are being checked out. Being present in the moment, and what you're putting into the environment is your key. Ditch negative and deliver positive. Then, as soon as Saturday, brilliant results begin registering. Others find you very attractive too.

LEO: Financial savvy, beliefs, attitudes and work are what Saturn's been checking on. However, now is when you can become dux of the cosmic classroom. Having the ledger balanced and acting from your core truth resets the template of your being to attract greater success. Saturday is when you can feel this in your soul.

VIRGO: Since September 2007, Saturn's presence in Virgo has brought many lessons to you. By seriously contemplating what you've learned and incorporating that understanding you become a better person, and more of who you really are - thus stronger and better equipped for today's world. Saturday brings many ways for you to tap renewal.

LIBRA: Forewarned is forearmed. Saturn's been residing in your less physical, more spiritual zone. Moving toward the first foray into Libra next Friday means you could feel weird in these coming days. But now you've the knowledge to balance this, and can take more care with emotions and feelings. Saturday can introduce powerfully good developments.

SCORPIO: Social and professional circles, plus your relationship to the bigger picture is where Saturn has been applying most emphasis. However, acting in a thinking and aware way in relation to these areas can now bring wonderful breakthroughs. The Sun in Scorpio on Saturday, in good aspect with mighty Pluto, promises great developments for the on-beam Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: Since September 2007, taskmaster Saturn has been scrutinizing your professional and life path activities. Don't complain or whinge in these coming days. But do conduct matters with ethics and wisdom. You then create much future, as well as present, success. Saturday can deeply connect you to this understanding.

CAPRICORN: Saturn, your celestial ruler, moving to change signs is always an important time for you. Heading towards your professional and public profiles and life mission areas makes that even more so. However, there's nothing to fear. And much is to be gained though right effort in these coming days. Saturday is very instrumental in this process.

AQUARIUS: Assets, love and underlying well-being are where the Saturn effect has been registering. By looking at what you've learned, and making efforts to improve further you engage the good will of the cosmos. There's special magic to find your way on Saturday and to a lesser extent on Thursday.

PISCES: Your zone of relationships and interactions is where Saturn has been checking the veracity of things since September 2007. It's about what does, and what does not belong in your life. Don't feel too put upon, but do act civilly and keep karma in mind with others. Saturday then starts something good.

Thought for the week: “The intellect in every man is God.”- Menander

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