See the whole world in Kyogle

Arthur Wicks is a solstice voyeur. Whats that? you ask. Arthur observes and photographs the worlds shortest and longest days, compiling huge images that record the state of the planet at those moments.

Arthurs new exhibition featuring large-scale montages of these photographs, Global Images: Notes from the Solstice Voyeur 1975-2005, opens at the Roxy Gallery in Kyogle this Friday, November 17.

As the solstice voyeur, Arthur Wicks shows us the earth not as a blue-green planet spinning in space, but as a blue-grey cultural artefact fixed on paper or screen, wrote curator David Hansen about the project in 2002.

With their spherical perspective, the circular images show cities as if they were individual planets. The images are made up of many small photographs, collaged together to create the final artwork.

The Solstice Voyeur project is an ongoing series of work for Wicks, while more recently he has been delving into street performance, filming himself with mechanised sculptures in different cities around the globe.

Wicks first exhibited in Canberra in 1966 and since then has held over 40 solo exhibitions and performances around the world.

Global Images: Notes from the Solstice Voyeur 1975-2005 will be on show at the Roxy Gallery until December 13. Therell also be DVD screenings of Arthur Wicks art performances at the gallery each Friday from 1pm.

The Roxy Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am-4pm and Saturday from 10am-12noon.

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