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All of you true blue gardeners out there would be absolutely loving the rain thats falling.

It couldnt be better slow, soaking, and just in time to save lots of watering of our gardens. Its amazing what a good fall of rain can do. It not only brings the garden alive but it also renews our enthusiasm to get stuck into those gardening jobs.

Right now its time to plant flower seedlings of salvia, marigold, petunia, vinca (try the dwarf variety), zinnia, coleus, amaranthus and the seeds of sunflower. Also vegies such as cucumber, snake bean, sweet corn, squash, pumpkin, radish, silver beet and cherry tomatoes (not the bigger varieties, as its too late in the season).

Fertlise azaleas, camelias, magnolias and gardenias with a fertiliser containing potash.

Prune and fertilise spring flowering shrubs that have finished flowering such as brunfelsia, rondeletia and westeria climber and lightly prune natives that have just finished flowering.

Check over your garden irrigation system to make sure that its fully functional before the onset of summer.

Put a shallow saucer under potted plants that tend to dry out readily before the really hot weather hits.

Gardening tip: When planting wire hanging baskets be sure to line the basket firstly with shade cloth then with heavy duty black plastic with lots of drain holes.

The Lismore Garden Club Christmas BBQ lunch will be held in the beautiful big garden of Dot and Charlie Cox at Boorie Creek Road, Lismore, on Tuesday, December 12, from 10am. Please bring a fold up chair and a gift around $5 in value to share. Visitors and potential new members are most welcome. For information phone me on 6624 7422 or 0421 021 451.

Finally: If you want to know when it is going to rain, watch the ants. God gave them built in barometers which are more accurate than those made by human hands.

Happy gardening

Ron Burns

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