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Labor votes down motion to bring back the train

The NSW Labor Government recently voted against a Nationals motion moved by me calling on the government to re-instate train services on the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line. Labors vote against my motion has proved that the NSW Labor Government has no intention of restoring rail services with the $75 million they say they have on the table. The governments own report says it would cost $21.8 million to restore the line and get rail services running again, but the NSW Labor Government refuses to do so, despite claiming they have $75 million on the table.

Its incredible the Member for Tweed voted against a motion to put trains back on the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line when hes received so many petitions from his constituents requesting he do just that.

The responsibility for putting trains back on the track lies firmly with the NSW Labor Government. NSW Labor took the train services away they have to put them back. Even when the federal government offered the NSW Labour Government $30 million two years ago, the NSW Government refused to accept it, showing they are not fair dinkum about putting trains back on the track.

The NSW Coalition is committed to putting commuter services on the line, including some that connect with the existing Casino to Sydney XPT services.

The NSW Labour Government claim that all 155 bridges on the line needed replacing is also absolute nonsense. The PriceWaterhouseCoopers report states that a maximum of one third of bridges need attention, with two thirds being in good or fair condition.

Premiers Christmas Gala Concerts tickets available - hurry before they go!

Tickets to the annual Premiers Christmas Gala Concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Wednesday, December 6, are now available.

Local seniors who are travelling to Sydney and would like to attend either the 10.30am or 2.30pm concert can obtain free tickets from my office.

I encourage those interested in tickets to contact my office as soon as possible, as tickets are highly sought after.

Search for man after child approached at school

Search for man after child approached at school

Police searching for chubby, bearded man with bandaged feet

"It won't be long before there are milk shortages"

"It won't be long before there are milk shortages"

Farmers "stressed to the max, mentally and physically”

A good conversation is like a ball game

A good conversation is like a ball game

Observing the flow of conversation can be a spectator sport

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