StarGazing with Lillith

This week the ancient Greeks used to honor Hecate the dark goddess, and with the Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and retrograde Mercury all in Scorpio its still a time when peoples dark sides are on parade. All things need darkness to grow and light to flower, so keep your luminosity on high beam

ARIES: Present astral aspects are the kind that can activate those less than lovely Ram attributes astro columns are so fond of listing so doing your darndest to discuss issues in a courteous and considerate manner will be so worth the effort this week.

TAURUS: Bent on bettering yourself? Fair enough. Feeling other people could do with a bit of improvement too? Hang on, thats not your job its theirs. Inspiring them by your examples a user friendly way to go. And if that doesnt work its still not your job

GEMINI: If this weeks deep and meaningful soul searching isnt your thing, take advantage of its discipline-stimulating qualities to finish something youve been putting off. Or its financial savvy and smart savings strategies. Only research though dont sign anything yet.

CANCER: If a money crunch sparks off a clash or showdown this week, its not worth making ultimatums theyre only likely to backfire. And if opposing points of view seem absolutely irreconcilable, agree to disagree while you work out an equitable settlement.

LEO: If an old tape loop is repeating/repeating/repeating, its time to take a good look at the part you play in these recurring performances. If you could get into the mindset that present difficulties have a beneficial side it would be easier to find it.

VIRGO: This weeks Japanese festivities honouring the kitchen goddess are worth thinking about, because ordinary domestic chores and pleasures calm and relax your manic side. A week for appreciating what you have, expressing gratitude lavishly, paying compliments

LIBRA: Two favourite Libran things, shopping and gossiping, arent recommended this week. Weightier matters are on the menu like your health, personal issues youve been putting off and intimate business that needs your attention. Give them all highest priority.

SCORPIO: If this weeks Martian energy activates your obsessive side and it will by all means use that to do what you have to. But it wouldnt do to neglect giving Venus her due shes in Scorpio too, opening your heart and flashing your love button.

SAGITTARIUS: Your go-ahead plans not getting a green light? Its because the times not right. You wouldnt push a boat against wind and tide, and it doesnt make sense on land either. Do something else till conditions are favourable which wont be too long.

CAPRICORN: People have been pretty tight lipped lately but this week the gripes and grievances you suspected are likely to come out into the open. If promises arent honoured or the support youd counted on withdrawn, DIY till the present tension eases.

AQUARIUS: While you might be justified in giving this weeks people a piece of your mind, it will only mean extra time spent in damage control management. Sometimes the truths best left unspoken so get a grip, bite your lip and turn it into a story you can dine out on.

PISCES: Others could be bloody minded this week, but dont let someone elses opinions diminish you. Pisces arent members of the fight club, so just do the best you can and if you need to, remind them that you dont have Doormat tattooed on your forehead.

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