Electric Theatre

Writer Janis Balodis (left) and composer Barry Conyngham, both Lismore residents, have joined forces to create the text and music for NORPAs latest production, Electric Lenin, coming to Lismore soon.

NORPAs latest production Electric Lenin reunites a number of the team members who last worked together on The Flood in 2004. Director Patrick Nolan, writer Janis Balodis, visual artist Craig Walsh and designer Kathryn Sproul got together again to create this new Australian work.

Electric Lenin is based on the true story of a North Coast farmer who, despite his isolation on a rural property in 1960s Australia, developed relationships across the globe via his ham radio.

Barry Conyngham, who, like Balodis is a Lismore resident, was then commissioned with funding from the Australia Council for the Arts to compose the score for the production. The production will include live music with four musicians on stage and recorded sound.

Using elements of opera, movement, video projections, live and recorded sound, Electric Lenin is an innovative music theatre production which will push the boundaries of this theatre genre when it runs at Lismore City Hall, Wednesday to Friday, November 22-24.

For bookings phone 6621 5600 or visit

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