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Even traditional old time gardeners are becoming a little green. Lots of thinking gardeners are becoming conservationists in their own little domain, that is, their home garden. Interested? Heres a few suggestions on how you too can benefit your own garden and thereby benefit the wider community.

If at all possible, try to avoid using harmful chemicals, instead use natural methods of pest and disease control.

Recycle everything you can. You will be surprised at just what can be recycled. This means never wasting those wonderful kitchen scraps, fallen leaves, lawn clippings, plant prunings etc, but composting them and using them to improve your garden soil. It also means being careful to put the different waste into its proper bin.

Be water wise. By practicing water saving, you are not only being a responsible citizen but also saving yourself real money.

Keep your pets under control. Uncontrolled cats and dogs are a serious threat to not only our native fauna, and also your good relationship with your neighbours.

Get rid of domesticated environmental weeds from your garden. You can pick up a list of these from Lismore City Council. You will be surprised at what you may have in your garden that is a potential weed threat to our environment.

Gradually introduce a few flowering native plants by using them to replace exotics that arent thriving.

There is only a few seats left to join the Lismore Garden Club on their coach trip to see the beautiful gardens of Tenterfield on Sunday, November 19. Anyone can go you dont have to be a member of the club. The cost is $32 per person. This covers luxury coach travel, morning tea and entry into Caroline Robinsons amazing five-acre garden. We will also visit several other lovely gardens, a lovely historical house and the local nursery. To secure your seat, phone me immediately on 6624 7422.

Finally: If you are a gardener and would like to meet genuine, friendly, like-minded people and learn more about gardening, join your local garden club.

Happy gardening

Ron Burns

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