While northworlders celebrate Halloweens cold dark

While northworlders celebrate Halloweens cold dark night, southern hemisphereans in the land down under will get better value from the more appropriate mid-spring Beltane ceremony of lighting a candle, sending what you dont want to the flame and making a wish for positive change...

ARIES: If others are unforthcoming with information or unspecific about their plans and feelings, youll just have to contain your soul in patience and live with it for the time being. Force the issue and youre not likely to be happy with what you hear.

TAURUS: While this week has its control freaks, holdups and disappointments, it also has enormous potential, best accessed by doing the one step forward, two steps back dance. Review, re-evaluate and reassess how to proceed from the present situation

GEMINI: As energy turns inward this week, apply your talent for communicating to your own immediate environment, which needs your attention. With your ruling planet Mercury retrograde, slower is better, and your health will thank you along with your loved ones.

CANCER: Crabs tend to be careful planners and while speculation isnt recommended this week, its still a good time for refiguring finances. Youll sense if somethings off (guesstimates, misrepresentation, dubious info), and while others might initially be stubborn theyll see reason soon enough.

LEO: While Leos usually score gold in personal power politics, this week advises playing your cards close to the chest and possibly using the element of surprise to your advantage. Be aware of how youre affecting others and try to make that impact beneficial.

VIRGO: Who can you help if you arent in good shape yourself? Being the sign of Those Who Do Too Much, its important not to over-commit or give more than your personal energy balance can afford this week. Others will be more than happy to take up the slack.

LIBRA: Born when the present energy was ascendant, playwright Richard Sheridans description the very pineapple of politeness too civil by half accurately sums up this weeks attitude. So dont take things at face value youll need to read between the lines.

SCORPIO: This weeks Scorpio anti role model is Marie Antoinette, whose suggestion to the bread-challenged poor of France, Let them eat cake, proved an extremely expensive remark. Listen to what others want rather than insisting on what you think they should have.

SAGITTARIUS: This week needs bondage and discipline your rational side taming your strong instinctive responses. As in the Sagittarian image of a human torso on a horses body: mind and heart intelligence directing your powerful energetic drive.

CAPRICORN: Trying to make things happen this week could just feel frustrating, so conserve your resources, do routine maintenance and bide your time. Make a conscious choice of uplifting options and accommodating rather than draining or demanding company.

AQUARIUS: Rather than being spoon fed information, Aquarians like to decide for themselves. Youll share your findings this week as always without pulling punches but unless its done with accuracy and without personal bias your opinions wont be respected.

PISCES: Often we can get away with things we know we shouldnt without too much damage done but this isnt one of those times. It really is better to stay away from whats not good for you this week. Dont take risks either, or sign anything in a hurry.

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NEG means many things to many

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Help's at hand in many forms for farming families

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