Controversy. What controversy?

We, in the media, love controversy, so much so that we will happily assist people to invent it, even if it doesnt actually exist.

A recent survey of published scientific studies uncovered the intriguing fact that of over 6000 studies on global warming, none of them, not one, registered any doubt about the fact that the human production of green houses gases is heating up the planet. Meanwhile, more than 53 per cent of media articles in the United States covering the same subject cast doubt on whether humans were contributing to global warming. Why? Because vested interests, like the automotive industry, who would rather bank more profits than make cleaner cars, thought it would be cheaper and easier to undermine and deceive us about green house gas production. I might add that even Chinas cars are required to produce less pollution than American cars. A lot less.

Sadly, its not really about profits because if the American companies actually cleaned up their acts, they could reverse the decline in their market share in the developing nations. Its about laziness, its about inertia, its about being unable to respond to changing situations quickly or appropriately. Indolent executives find it easier to pay for a few spin doctors to distort and undermine the truth. And the media love it and suck it up because its copy and many of us are just as lazy and careless about the truth. We dont really care if thousands of ice core records clearly indicate that the carbon levels in the atmosphere are higher now than at any time in the last 650,000 years. What do we care if 6000 scientists say global warming is a reality and one industry-funded retirement age scientist has cast some doubt on the methodology of one study? Its copy. Its disgusting. To ascertain the truth it only takes a couple of phone calls and a desire to have an honest voice.

So let us, as local sports lovers, see what we can do to respond to the reality of global warming. As speedway drivers and promoters, what can we do to minimise our emissions? It would be a huge selling point. Think about the media headlines CLEAN MACHINE LEAVES OPPONENTS CHOKING ON OWN FILTH.

Last year I saw some Under 12s playing cricket in 47 degree heat. Very uncool. It undermines the game and of course many of those kids parents dont want their children suffering heatstroke. They will pull them out of the game, and the kids will be happy to leave. Over the last 20 years the weather has been the primary reason for player loss in the gentlemans game. Its just too damned hot. Well folks, heres a novel idea play the game in winter!! Dont be padlocked to tradition!!

Now thats positive and pragmatic, rather than lazy and stupid. Weve got to get our heads out of the sand because our bums are getting burnt big time. Sure, its controversial. But we love that, dont we?

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