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Directed by Kevin Carlin

Rated M

Fans of Aussie comedies go crazy! Mick Molly is back with another crackerjack of a movie guaranteed to rock your socks off! Boytown!

They were the biggest boy band of the 1980s, cranking out hit after hit and driving the girls wild with songs like Tough Titties and sexy dance moves like the Pendulum. Hubba hubba!

But like all good things the fame and fortune couldnt last forever and the final straw was the bands most popular member Benny G (Glenn Robbins) leaving the group to embark on a solo career. It was all over for Boytown. They had left the building forever...

Or so they thought! Twenty and a bit years later with a cover of one of their hits racing up the charts, Benny has the brilliant idea of getting the band back together. But will the others go for it? Theyve all gone their separate ways, settled into new careers and Boytown is just a distant memory. And lets face it, the boys arent quite as sprightly as they used to be. But then neither are their fans.

After an unsuccessful attempt to win over the cynical youth market the guys are ready to call it quits again. That is until they have the absolutely brilliant idea of writing specifically for their fans. Women now in their forties who can really relate to songs like Cellulite Lady, Picking the Kids up from School, Love Handles and my personal favourite, Special Time of the Month.

Once again Boytown is at the top of the charts. Is there anywhere left for them to go?

Im a big fan of Mick Molloys feel-good humour. Its silly and lightweight but it always delivers and Boytown is no exception. And the story is not as far-fetched as you may think. Remember the Backstreet Boys? Theyre reforming as we speak.

Boytown stars Glenn Robbins, Mick Molloy, Bob Franklin, Wayne Hope, Gary Eck, Lachy Hulme and Sally Phillips. And theyre all terrific. All the songs are written by Mick Molloy and Richard Molloy and they are hilarious. Boytown may be a one joke comedy but that one joke is damn funny.

Support Aussie comedies. Go see Boytown!

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