StarGazing with Lillith

Its a good idea to get as much unfinished business sorted as you can manage before the weekend because with Mercury doing its usual three week retrograde everything tends to get doubly difficult and take twice as long

ARIES: With Mars and Venus installed in Scorpio you know what you want, and let others know what to expect if they dont co-operate thats Mars talking. Let Venus the sweetener tell them whats in it for them what they have to gain from meeting your expectations.

TAURUS: A convivial, stimulating, emotionally taxing week which could push you to commit to something you know needs a lot more thought and consideration. If purposeful people wont take no for an answer, youre a Tauran you know how to say back off.

GEMINI: Like Joni Mitchell singing You dont know what you got till its gone, this week takes the Libran velvet glove off the Scorpio iron fist. A week of drama and power plays, in which something that at first seems highly desirable could carry a sting in its tail.

CANCER: If you ever wanted to let go of something, cut the ties, walk away and make a new start, this week gives you plenty of strong back-up in making the hard choices and sticking to them. Same goes for small and meaningful as well as large and radical changes

LEO: Feel like youre being awfully neglected, puss? And thinking thats a bad thing? Thank your lucky Leo stars. Because if this weeks people arent ignoring you theyll be trying to organise you, improve you and suggesting youd better shape up, or else.

VIRGO: Virgos are self stressers, which means you can always stop, let the pressure off, relax the quality controlling. If this weeks energy stimulates a burning desire to make changes, check in with those theyre going to affect. Theyre likely to have ideas of their own.

LIBRA: As the time of The Sting intensifies, youll probably have to apply a bit of Libran healing therapy to this week: a light heart in a weighty situation, thoughtful attention or understanding where its lacking, a spirit-lifting gift or clever compromise.

SCORPIO: With Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter all sitting in Scorpio this weeks sound track is Bizets Carmen and the force couldnt be more with you. You rule absolutely and we havent even mentioned Plutos potent input. Demoted planet? I dont think so.

SAGITTARIUS: Theres a drama charge in the air this week a kind of invisible maelstrom that engenders plenty of interesting situations to test your mettle and challenge your talents. Adventure definitely beckons, but be advised that the likelihood of accidents is high.

CAPRICORN: In an extreme week like this one, some things succeed brilliantly while others inexplicably fall flat or slide out of control. Theres a high instability factor but along with that, as always, comes plenty of opportunities for change, growth and expansion.

AQUARIUS: Phew! Talk about intense If you need to walk away from a scenario that seems to be bubbling towards boiling point this week, do something different and quite unrelated till your perspective settles and the situation goes through its necessary changes.

PISCES: With the major planetary emphasis in Scorpio, illusions doing her most bewitching dance, mixing dreams with reality. But nothing means zip this week unless you can give it workable form or structure make it productive with measurable results.

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