Written and directed by Clayton Jacobson

Rated M

We Aussies love an underdog, especially one as likeable as Kenny. And you couldnt get much more of an underdog than a poo man! This would definitely have to rate in most peoples books as one of lifes worst jobs, but Kenny Smyth (Shane Jacobson) is proud of his profession. He works for porta-loo company Splashdown in Melbourne, the firm which handles all the big events from music festivals to car races and the biggest of them all, the Melbourne Cup.

Its a job most people never think about, let alone give any credit to, but when you have to go, you have to go, and if people like Kenny didnt exist wed be in the shit literally!

Hard working, easy going and laconic, it takes a lot to annoy Kenny. Hes prepared to put up with a nagging ex-wife for the sake of his son and an old man who could easily take the prize as the worlds biggest whinger. He can even take the abuse from the patrons of his porta-loos. But when he reaches his limit, watch out! Revenge is sweet, or in this case, really disgusting and smelly!

My mum was very disappointed to learn that Kenny isnt a real person. She hadnt realised that he is an actor starring in a very clever mockumentary. And Kenny is clever. Audiences all around Australia are falling for this dink-di Aussie battlers charms. For an Aussie movie its raking in the dough and its up for several AFI Awards including best actor, best director and best supporting actor, so look out Mr Rush!

Kenny works thanks to Kenny. Everyone can relate to this guy, he personifies everything that is good about the Aussie spirit. A diamond in the rough, a knight in shining overalls, dignified even when up to his elbows in crap. The mate you can always rely on, a loving father and a good son.

The Jacobson family are to be congratulated, theyve come up with a real gem. I fell in love with Kenny and you will too!

Kenny also stars Ronald Jacobson, Jesse Jacobson, Eve Von Bibra, Chris Davis and Ian Dryden.

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