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Several centuries down the track, this weeks Libran birthday philosopher Sir Thomas Brownes mystical mathematics still apply: Wherever there is order, proportion and regular pace, though they give no sound to the ear, yet they strike a note most full of harmony

ARIES: Aries love interacting with others but your extreme sensitivity to rejection sometimes makes it difficult for you to fit in. You could completely misread someones signals this week, so dont cut contact stay available for things to be straightened out.

TAURUS: Taurans can be surprisingly sore losers. But you often learn more from what doesnt succeed than what does though that does take acknowledging mistakes and giving up blame. But Venus makes this kind of lesson fairly easy and pleasant this week.

GEMINI: The car, the furniture, the wife, the children, everything has to be disposable because the main thing today is shopping, wrote author Arthur Miller in 1968. Advertising rules the world this week and always, but do you have to be sucked in by it?

CANCER: There are worse things you could do than apply the gift of this weeks birthday songwriter Peter Tosh by singing quietly to yourself his great reggae mantra for de-stressing the human unit: Every little things gonna be alright

LEO: If life doesnt provide precisely the party you had in mind this week, that gap between your reasoning faculties and your dramatic reactions could start showing. Then you know its time to start connecting up the dots between your mind and feelings.

VIRGO: Highly developed critical faculties are handy things to have for observing and learning from mistakes or making informed choices the best thing to do with them this week. Why waste them critiquing others when you could be getting the benefit yourself?

LIBRA: People can be appealed to through reason this week. If you can convince them that somethings worthwhile theyll accept it. Though perhaps not immediately theyll want to think it was their idea. Makes you smile, eh. Was Mona Lisa a Libran

SCORPIO: Mercury in Scorpios stimulating your analytical mind, so analyse this: if the negative effect of saying something outweighs the benefits, whats the best course of action this week silence? Only if you dont make it the steaming, withholding kind.

SAGITTARIUS: This weeks birthday persons August Lumiere who invented the projector, which makes images seem real in the same way judgments we project on to others seem real. When the only real thing is what they say about the one projecting them.

CAPRICORN: If people seem irritatingly ditzy this week in glitz, glamour, glitter and non working mode, dont get too fussed. Like everyone else, theyll have to knuckle down and get serious next week. Let them have their fun. In fact, may as well join them.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians are masters at making old things new again. Its worthwhile keeping an eye out this week for some way that you could rework a tried and true classic into an utterly current and highly marketable variation.

PISCES: Pisceans sometimes lead double lives where they do one thing for money and something else for love. This is an excellent week for bringing the earning thing more into line with your hearts desire combining them in a new and workable way.

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Community groups rally for homeless

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Art recognises the memory

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Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

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