Smiling with dolphins

Renea Murray was all smiles and curls at the Dolphin Awards night last week. The curls are natural; the smiles are a result of her winning a Dolphin in the New Recording Talent category for Good To Me. And it was...

The annual Dolphin Awards were held at a packed Beach Hotel in Byron on Tuesday, October 10, to celebrate the North Coast music industry. And to bestow the prestigious Dolphins upon the worthy. SBS NoiseTV filmed the night.

The Dolphin Award winners for 2006 are;

Album Of The Year: Five Days, Sara Tindley.

Song Of The Year: Prisoner Of Innocence, Colin Bullock.

New Recording Talent: Good To Me, Renae Murray.

Male Vocal: When We Were Together, Judd Brennand.

Female Vocal: Sita Ram Lounge, Rachel Zinman and Subway Bhaktis.

Production/Engineering: Sita Ram, Kamal M Engels and Subway Bhaktis.

Instrumental: Friends You Lose Too Soon, Pietro Fine.

Youth: Day Dreamer, Dali Srhoj and the Paper Band.

Music for Children: The Trusty Rusty Bike, Rochelle Wright and Trace Balla.

Adult Contemporary: Nothing Left To Say, Amanda Patemann.

World/Reggae: Amehla, Andy Holme.

Folk: Pilgrim Song, Karl Farren.

Blues: Get Up (Raise Your Head), Marshall and The Fro.

Country: 90 Proof, Geoff Quinton.

Devotional: Jai Ma Durga Express, Subway Bhaktis.

Protest: Factories of Fear, Miranda Burne and Ray Moynihan.

Pop: I Like Fat Chicks, The Jaywalks.

Rock/Metal/Alternative: Automatic Everything, Engine Three Seven.

Funk/Urban/Hip Hop: Survive, Invisible Friend.

Electronic Dance, Chill and Ambience: Sweet Angel (remix), Rosa Musica @ Crystal Grid.

Promotional Artwork/Website: The Vicious Cycle, Mary Breen/Djuul Price.

Congrats groovers.

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