Subdivision will 'ruin way of life'

Dunoon resident Paula McDougall says a proposed new 56-lot subdivision for the village would be horrific.

The subdivision would boost the population of Dunoon by a third, in one single hit, she said.

The development in no way enhances the village, she said. Its going to have a terrible impact on our way of life and you can guarantee it wont be the last of it either. The amount of additional traffic will be horrendous. Dunoon Road is a bloody dangerous road as it is.

The proposed subdivision lies between the Dunoon Sports Club and a subdivision of 17 lots that is currently going through the approval process.

Paula said the 17 lot subdivision had much larger blocks and she didnt have a problem with it.

Were all for development, she said. Dunoon needs to go forward, but these 56 blocks are just too small for the village. Most of them are a quarter acre.

She said there was also potential for conflict with the Sports Club.

They dont want to be arguing with anyone about lights and noise, she said.

Sydney-based Hardie Holdings is behind the development, and has a policy of providing no comment to the media.

Its website states that it prides itself on creating sustainable residential communities for NSW, and it currently has land releases in 13 different centres.

However, the Sydney Morning Herald recently reported the company had challenged government orders to repair 150 hectares of land it cleared without consent at a proposed residential subdivision in the Hunter region.

Paula said Lismore City Council should have put the proposal out to a community forum and she has called a public meeting for next Wednesday so locals can have their say.

A housing development this big actually destroys the reason people want to live here, she said. I think theyve just thrown this in to see what happens, because I cant believe they seriously think they can get away with this as it currently stands.

The public meeting is on next Wednesday, October 25, at the Dunoon Hall from 7pm.

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