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A week when the old familiar balancing act of demon socialising and quality downtime is essential survival strategy: giving the brain cells a punishing, then allowing them time to regenerate. Superstitious readers are reminded on Friday the 13th that fears the real psychic virus

ARIES: This week has Mars, your planetary leader in Libra, putting forward all the differences that separate you from others. While Venus in Libra is busy emphasising the many similarities that bring you together. So whos going to get your vote?

TAURUS: Youre likely to find others more open to discussion about rejigging possibly even radically changing a business or personal relationship this week. More willing to compromise and consider reasonable alternatives. Will you be too?

GEMINI: Giving in to the thrill factor right now could cause all sorts of expense and entanglements you dont need. That said, this could one of the years most exciting and productive weeks if you can avoid time-wasting distractions and unnecessary complications.

CANCER: Cancerians are smart, sharp and perceptive, though not always about themselves. Its easy to pinpoint flaws in someone elses system, method or behaviour. But this week needs you to focus on your own input problems arent a one way street.

LEO: Leos like playing leading roles and adjusting yours to fit in as a team player with this weeks group involvement could be quite a story. But an enjoyable one with lots of laughs and a happy ending. Where you win, of course.

VIRGO: What could Virgos learn from this weeks Libran birthday person Luciano Pavarotti? The ability to ingest appreciation like nutrition Being at ease with grand gestures Guilt free enjoyment of attention? Choose a minimum of one and practice it all week.

LIBRA: Channel AbFab Edie (surfaces, sweetie!), angst like Hamlet over brand names and knockoffs, agree to this then do that and you can expect people to get ticked off. Show the depth we all know you have but hide, and this will be a major Love Librans week.

SCORPIO: Everyone being so irritatingly sweet this week could have the opposite effect on Scorpios. Cant they see youre a volcano ready to rip dont they care? Not a jot. Heavy intensity wont get you anywhere this week so lighten up or sulk in the shadows.

SAGITTARIUS: As astral energies pump up the heat and step up the beat youll want to share those vigorous Sagittarian convictions with others. Do it too forcefully and youll lose your audience, which this week prefers playful conversation and a light verbal touch.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns are natural born organisers always itching to take things in hand, but rethinking your usual routine could revive a tired situation. So dont automatically take the lead and make decisions this week step back and let someone else have a go.

AQUARIUS: If you thought Libra time was only about peace, shopping and kissy kissy, think again. Its the sign of contracts, partnerships, litigation and compromise all featured on this weeks menu. Dont expect direct answers people will be evasive if it suits them.

PISCES: This week calls for team work. Naturally you want everyone to be happy and motivated, but thats going to take tempering your ideals with the nitty gritty wisdom of experience. Help others where you can, but not to the extent of taking on their troubles.

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