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Mental Health Week.

I had this weirdo friend once who wouldnt drink tap water because he said it was poisoned; that government authorities were trying to kill him. I used to laugh at him behind his back. (It would be rude to laugh at him openly.) But Im laughing on the other side of my mottled teeth now. His local government gets rid of a toxic waste from the aluminium industry by adding it to the domestic tap water. Genius.

Depleted uranium weaponry works on the same principle you get the waste from a very toxic industry and spread it around the population. Usually by high-speed direct injection. Brilliant. Get rid of waste. Make profit. The only side effects are deformities and cancers in that population for the next 4.5 billion years. But thats okay theyre the enemy! (Mostly. And if theyre not, they sure as hell will be.) Genius.

Unfortunately the people making the depleted uranium weaponry are not considered mentally unstable, strapped to a bed and given electric shock therapy. Unfortunately.

Is a week long enough to focus on mental health?

What about people who keep child refugees in razor wire prisons because they may be a threat to the nation but then sell uranium to the Chinese government (who swear on their human rights record not to do anything wrong. Promise.)? These people are obviously insane. Now that I think about it, isnt our friend China a friend of naughty nuclear North Korea?

There are people in our community who have difficulty in reacting appropriately in the modern world. Theres a little gnome-like guy I see around who wears a long black overcoat over a sweater and jeans even in summer. The guy must cook. He certainly appears half-baked.

Of course the mentally well are in high-tech suits that breathe and are making a bundle by promoting an unsustainable lifestyle based on the increased burning of fossil fuels adding so much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere that the planet is actually warming up.

Who will survive that? Obviously people who have learnt to handle hot conditions like our little gnome guy. So whos the nutcase here? Not much shade under a cheque book.

There are governments who blatantly lie to their citizens so they can illegally invade foreign countries (while government mates secretly support that foreign regime through bribes for business deals). Okay, thats a pretty normal (but sick) mental condition for a government but the people who then re-elect them are definitely due for mental re-assessment.

But are they really re-elected? Could citizens be that mentally maladjusted they would elect them to power again? I dont think so. Why would a lying, cheating government let a little thing like voting stand in its way? Why do we vote in pencil?

Am I paranoid-delusional? Will they give me drugs? Do I get to choose which ones?

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