StarGazing with Lillith

With the autumn equinox ushering in longer days and warmer nights, and the Sun joining Mars and Mercury in Libra, despite certain undeniable design faults life seems beautiful and new again this week

ARIES: Aries favour straightforward directness, something this weeks people might be inclined to find graceless and confronting. You enjoy experimenting, so play around with the concepts of subtlety and lateral approach. Sensitive will get vastly better results than tough.

TAURUS: This weeks whoopy-do news is that Sun in Libra kicks off a pleasurable and majorly creative period for you four footeds. The not so abfab news is its a particularly over-indulgent transit which requires a substantial degree of (shudder) restraint.

GEMINI: This is a week for listening as least as much as you talk. Dont be so quick you trip yourself up. Or assume anything at all check. You may have to spell things out. If youre experiencing contradictory urges, the key is the C word: compromise.

CANCER: If people are easily irritated and hurtful without realising it, why make a big thing how many times have you done the same? Helping to restore accord and a sense of proportion, this Week of the Peace Makers a time for dropping differences, making friends and amends.

LEO: Leo Mae Wests vixen witticism: I can resist everything except temptation is up and running as this weeks sheer energy and ebullience blows away good intentions and sensible resolutions like spring pollen. Resistance does get so tiring after awhile, doesnt it?

VIRGO: This weeks birthday composer George Gershwin wrote a famous song called Nice work if you can get it and you can get it if you try And whether work, other people and life in generals nice or not this week depends on guess who? Yes, you.

LIBRA: The birthday of Libran actor and real life superman Christopher Reeve kicks off a week in which you too could achieve miracles if you can forgive others their aesthetic ineptitude and artistic lapses. Before you grizzle about some people, consider the humbling thought that the singer Meatloafs a Libran.

SCORPIO: If youre feeling critical, ambivalent, in a love-hate affair with your current partner/job/life and thinking youd just like a whole new one, dont be hard on the situation. Its only a seasonal reshuffle expressing itself as dissatisfaction

SAGITTARIUS: You need your space and a change of pace as the autumn equinox brings you to a crossroads, a turning point, a creative breakthrough. A change of mind, heart, direction or all three. And the recognition of a missing link will be the key.

CAPRICORN: People who fear failure dont have options theyre driven to succeed. If youre struggling with punishing goals, without lowering your personal limbo bar, perhaps you could let this week ease you into a bit more acceptance of human failings

AQUARIUS: Aquarians have almost zero tolerance for emotional insecurity (Whats that?), but with ascendant Libran energy moving relationships into focus, this week the ones who love you are going to want to know how you feel about them to hear it and have you show it.

PISCES: In periods where a new balance is being established, life can get wobbly for awhile best just wobble along with it till things settle. Meanwhile this weeks people are playful and entertaining, group activities rewarding and theres plenty of love dust in the air

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