StarGazing with Lillith

This weeks about getting things in working order the budget balanced, wardrobe organised, paperwork sorted. All the time knowing that life will inevitably come along and mess the whole thing up again

ARIES: Planets in the sign of the Fussy Ones activate symptoms of the do-it-right virus which make this week touchy, toey and edgy. So set yourself the challenge of getting through it without treading on anyones toes or getting upset because theyve trod on yours.

TAURUS: While some unkind astrologers have called Taurans the last of the small spenders, running a tight financial ships to your advantage this week. Shop around, make sure youre getting your moneys worth and hardest of all, dont buy anything unless its good for you.

GEMINI: This weeks people wont tolerate being told what to do and will only listen to someone they trust. If thats not you, youre bound to know someone they will take notice of. Get Planet Geminis more boring chores completed before the weekend Libran party stars kick in

CANCER: This week will be as easy or difficult as you care to make it. Easier if you think STOP! each time you start making it more complicated than it need be. Harder if you insist on stirring the pot. Easier if you keep your heart open. Harder if you dont.

LEO: Acknowledging mistakes doesnt sit easily in the Leo repertoire of behaviours. But unless certain errors are corrected this week youll be doomed to repeats the old Groundhog Day scenario of running into the same difficulties over and over. And over

VIRGO: This weeks birthday Virgos are Greta Garbo and Sophia Loren. With Virgo Sun/Venus strewing you with sparkle dust, Sophias mix of successful, smart and sexy is a more accurate metaphor for this weeks possibilities than being left alone.

LIBRA: Libra being the sign of balance doesnt mean youre balanced. As we know. It means youre always striving for equilibrium, something this weeks people putting the pressure on wont make easy. But hey, only a few more days to the Month Of The Venus People

SCORPIO: Keep your antennae tuned for emotional static this week. Unexpressed concerns or changes of heart are worth discussing, along with mediating bothersome squabbles, dropping long playing quarrels and lightening up present star vibes dont favour the heavy hearted.

SAGITTARIUS: The risk to reward ratio isnt particularly working in your favour this week, and your stars suggest playing it safe rather than gambling or taking chances. A take it or leave it ultimatum is almost guaranteed to have others leaving it.

CAPRICORN: This week could bring a clash of agendas with everyone wanting to be boss and nobody inclined to compromise. Ho hum. Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the most patient player of all? Yep, Capricorns. If others arent building harmonious working relationships show them how.

AQUARIUS: In ancient Greece this was the week dues were paid to Athena and the wisdom principle celebrated. Whatever youre planning, the wisdom principle suggests presenting it in the most simple, clear cut, user friendly form you can manage.

PISCES: As Blind Freddie could see and youve already sussed, this week means business and its energy needs careful handling. Others will probably ask more than you can give, but you neednt surrender to pressure. A weight lifts with Saturdays new Moon.

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High five all you awesome women out there

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