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Nacho Libre

Directed by Jared Hess

Rated PG

Fans of Jack Black rejoice, theres a new character in town, just south of the border...

Mexico may be famous for its tequila and la cockarachas but have you ever checked out its wrestlers? No? Well, heres your chance.

From the creators of Napoleon Dynamite and The School of Rock comes this sweet little comedy starring Jack Black as Nacho, a monk with big dreams of becoming Mexicos greatest Lucha Libre wrestler.

An orphan himself, Nacho was raised in the monastery he now calls home. Its where he must prepare and cook all the meals for the current crop of orphans, a difficult task when you have to scavenge and beg for every ingredient.

However Nacho has a plan. If he becomes a champion wrestler he can use his prize money to not only buy fresh food for the orphans but also a bus to take them on day trips. The only problem is wrestling is strictly forbidden by the church elders so he must be careful to conceal his identity. This creates another problem. If hes in disguise how is he going to impress his secret love, the stunning Sister Ecarnacion (Penelope Cruz lookalike Ana De La Reguera).

What a dilemma!

Nacho Libre has sleeper hit written all over it. Its a feel-good, heartwarming, gentle comedy. Just dont go expecting to be rolling in the aisles or checking out any big name stars apart from Jack Black.

The highpoints are most definitely the wrestling matches between Nacho and his partner Esqueleto The Skeleton (Hector Jiminez) and their bizarre and quite scary opponents. Im not a huge wrestling fan but these scenes rock! You can expect plenty of biff for your money.

To be perfectly honest I was a little disappointed with Nacho Libre. It just didnt live up to my expectations. As always Jack Black throws himself enthusiastically into the role and hes great, but Nacho Libre isnt. It just misses out.

One for Jack Black fans and wrestling enthusiasts.

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