Look at those suits! Fifties fashion to go with the Australian icons of rock and roll, the Delltones, who will perform in Casino and Ballina. Get those dancin shoes on...

Rock and roll was never meant to last. But it did. And so have the Delltones too late now to live fast, die young and have a good looking corpse.

In 1958 four young lifesavers Noel Weiderberg, Brian Perkins, Warren Lucas and Ian Pee Wee Wilson first performed (gawky, gangly and hopeful) at the Bronte Surf Club. Then they scored gigs in Australian stadium shows with mentor (and the king of Oz rock) Johnny OKeefe.

With ever increasing momentum they appeared on radio and television shows (Six Oclock Rock and Bandstand), and finally they went on record with their debut top 20 hit, the doo-wop standard Gee.

The Delltones sound is distinctive and pivots around the harmonies especially the very deep bass tones of Pee Wee Wilson.

We would walk around Sydneys streets and at the right place suddenly launch into a doo-wop song, said Pee Wee. That was how we got our first gig a restaurant manager heard us and booked us. Payment was a plate of spaghetti bolognaise and a beer each.

By mid-60s with a string of hits under their suitcoats (Youre the Limit, Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands, Hangin Five) the Delltones had become one of Australias top musical acts.

After a stint in the Old Dart, things went quiet for a time until the 80s when the Delltones second life started. And has never stopped.

Nearly 50 years on, the Delltones are still rocking the socks off audiences all over this wide, toad-infested land and will bring their unique sound and their rock and roll fun to the Casino RSM Club next Thursday, September 28, at 8pm. Tickets are $29. To book phone 6662 1666.

The Delltones will also rock the Ballina RSL Club on Friday, September 29, from 8pm. Tickets are $32. Phone 6686 2544.

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