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The Wood Royal Commission Report on paedophilia concluded that paedophiles cannot be cured, only managed, and that offending only ceases while the offender is imprisoned.

Based on that fact and our belief that a parents right to know if a high-risk convicted paedophile is living in their street is more important than the offenders civil liberties, the Liberal/Nationals Coalition will give the public limited access to the Child Protection Register.

Our policy is based on an initiative called Megans Law, named after seven-year-old Megan Kanka, a United States child who was raped and killed by a known child molester who had moved across the street from the family without their knowledge.

Labor Police Minister, Carl Scully, says Megans Law doesnt work, but it has been implemented with strong popular support in every American state. It gives the public access to a map-based website, where parents can get details of offenders living in their street or near their kids school.

You can see how Megans Law does work by visiting

In NSW we will call it Nicoles Law, in memory of five year-old Nicole Hanns, who was the victim of a horrific, sexually motivated murder by John Lewthwaite in 1974 while he was on parole.

Mr Lewthwaite was again released in 1999, but has just been put back behind bars after being caught naked on a Sydney beach with his boyfriend, himself a convicted sex offender, having been jailed for sexually assaulting a disabled man.

Nicoles Law will have three different classifications. Paedophiles deemed least likely to re-offend will remain under the current system. Paedophiles of medium risk will have their name, photo, area of residence and offences posted on a public website. High-risk paedophiles will have the above information plus their home address posted on the site.

Local schools and day care centres will be notified when a medium or high-risk paedophile settles in the neighbourhood, and in the case of high-risk offenders, neighbours will be personally notified by police officers.

It will of course be illegal to harass or threaten offenders and their families or vandalise their property.

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