StarGazing with Lillith

This weeks Virgo soul singers Otis Redding, whose Sitting on the dock of the bay watching time rolling away seems a wistful last century notion in this post modern era of consummate busyness. Still a smart way of counterbalancing a particularly driven week though

ARIES: You flammable personalities are advised to accept feedback positively or at the very least neutrally this week. While opinions might not be tactful and may rankle, theyre not worth getting your hackles up or obsessing over. Let strong emotions cool before responding.

TAURUS: This weeks efficient energy helps you organised operators fine tune even completely rejig your goals and ambitions. And while Taurans usually prefer more to not so much, right now less will work better. Simplify, streamline and downsize where you can.

GEMINI: This weeks determined astromix brings tremendous staying power, keen concentration and the soul satisfying ability to stick with what youre doing till its solved or completed just the ticket for tackling something youve been putting off for the longest time and breezing through it.

CANCER: This weeks Virgo birthday thinker D.H. Lawrences succinct advice is really all you need for navigating the current star scenario: Dont be sucked in by the su-superior, dont swallow the culture bait, dont drink and get beerier and beerier, do learn to discriminate.

LEO: Whether your familys superb or Soprano, quality time at home or with the folks is on this weeks star cards. If money worries are giving the rels financial angst dont join the group dynamic help them relax and teach them a few new cash management strategies.

VIRGO: Be inspired by this weeks Virgo birthday poet Louis MacNeices prayer: Fill me with strength against those who would freeze my humanity, would make me a cog in a machine Unfrozen humanity can be undeniably trying, but its what keeps your heart open.

LIBRA: If this weeks Mars and Mercury in Libra start driving you too hard, pull over and cool your motor. Get a reality check. Should an episode of emotional acopia (not dealing with feelings) occur, youll find others quite willing to step in and cope for you.

SCORPIO: Its important this week to understand the distinctions between suggesting and pressuring, explaining and blaming, negotiation and ultimatum. And to trade in whatever doesnt bring you peace of mind for something more agreeable. Anything.

SAGITTARIUS: For the next week your stars suggest smiling more, driving slower, talking less, listening longer, sitting still, taking stock, paying compliments, giving gifts, smelling the flowers and doing the things youve always wanted to when you werent so busy.

CAPRICORN: As this weeks Virgo-born author Agatha Christie observed: War settles nothing. To win a war is as disastrous as losing one. Forget being right let others be right if that makes them happy. The best way to convince anyone is by example: show rather than tell.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians always think they have the latest information and thats usually true, which can make listening to other peoples views boring. But this week you wont learn anything new unless you do. And then its likely to be some enlightening insights about your very own Aquaself.

PISCES: This weeks Virgoworld expects you to attend to details because small things have grand repercussions right now. Your results are always your guru, so while a haphazard attitudes likely to produce insubstantial rewards, the same goes for being vigorous and committed.

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