Sculpting music to fit

Composer and performer Yantra de Vilder (left) has created a musical score designed specifically to reflect the ambience of the sculptures and landscape of the Thursday Plantation East Coast Sculpture Show. It will be performed on the opening day when punters can view many amazing sculptures like Mariners Caprice (right) by Suvira McDonald of Goonengerry.

When the 11th Thursday Plantation East Coast Sculpture Show opens on Sunday, September 24, Yantra de Vilder will play her specially composed score on the grand piano with Greg Sheehan on percussion and the soaring voice of Leigh Carriage.

I have a passion to collaborate with and support the thriving local arts community, whether on projects of local or international significance, says Yantra. We have a wealth of talented filmmakers, musicians and artists in this area there is no better place in the world to be working.

The opening will be a garden party where you can meet the artists and tour the works with comedian and artist Mandy Nolan. There will also be an awards event presided over by Rhoda Roberts, who is festival director for The Dreaming, an annual indigenous festival held at the Woodford Folk Festival site. There are $20,000 worth of prizes to be awarded.

The Sculpture Show will feature 63 new works from 58 artists.

Curator Priya Woolston says the sculptures range from delicate glass mosaics to a crashed car. (Sorry about that...)

Such diversity of styles and materials reflects a refreshing inventiveness on the part of our artists, she said. Many draw inspiration from Thursday Plantations special environment, which includes open fields and forest groves, and even a tea tree maze. Each location suggests a different style of work.

Entry to the show is from 12 noon. The cost of $5 per person (children free) includes a catalogue and the chance to win season tickets to the Woodford Folk Festival in December. The Verandah Caf will serve delicious food and refreshments throughout the day.

The show is located at Thursday Plantation, off the Pacific Highway, 20 minutes south of Byron Bay and 1km north of the Ballina/Byron airport turnoff. It will continue every day from 9am-5pm until January 31.

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