Small fries want fresh fruit

Teven Tintenbar Public School students Claire Lucena, Sebastian Perrit and Levi King happily chomp on some fresh fruit and vegetables.

The canteen queues have been getting longer at Teven Tintenbar Public School, and the students arent lining up for ice cream or chips. These healthy kids want fresh fruit and vegetables, and lots of them.

I cant keep up with the demand, said canteen manager Tracey McCarroll, as she washes strawberries, chops carrots and slices up juicy melon. I had a huge day on Monday and the canteen has been making much more money than it usually does.

With prices starting from just five cents for a carrot stick, it could be said these kids have an eye for a bargain, but the truth is, each one of them has their eye on a prize.

The school signed up for the Sydney Markets Get on Board and Win campaign, which encourages healthy eating by offering rewards.

Each time a student makes a fresh fruit or vegetable purchase they receive a sticker card one sticker goes to the student and the other sticker goes on the entry form. Once the entry form has four stickers the child wins a Fresh for Kids wrist band and they go in the draw for prizes including a Gold Coast holiday, iPods, gift vouchers and DVDs.

Farmer Charlies in Ballina has kindly donated fruit and vegetables to help the school out and keep the healthy eating trend growing.

At a time when Australias youth are considered to be unhealthy and overweight this is a great way to get our kids to eat more fruit and vegetables, said Tracey, and bribery always works a treat.

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