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Self employment for mature aged

Interested mature age Australians may like to consider the Australian Governments New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) as a pathway to owning and operating their own small business.

NEIS is one of this countrys longest running and most successful employment programs. It provides participants with business training, mentoring and financial assistance.

As of July this year, the government has extended eligibility for NEIS to include mature age people (those 50 years and over), including self-funded retirees and others not receiving welfare payments.

For many people over 50, self-employment is a great way to turn a lifelong interest or special skill into a business. Many NEIS businesses go on to employ other people, multiplying the programs success.

Over the past 20 years, NEIS has helped around 100,000 previously unemployed Australians to start their own small business. It shows what can be done with a little initiative and the right support.

Through programs such as NEIS, the Coalition is ensuring that even more Australians have the chance of a job and a prosperous future. More information on NEIS can be obtained from www.workplace.gov.au or by calling 136 268.

More superannuation choice for workers

Up to 500,000 additional Australian workers are now able to choose their superannuation fund, thanks to Coalition Government reforms which came into effect recently.

Following the family home, superannuation is the second largest investment for many Australians. So allowing Australian workers to choose a superannuation fund that suits their needs makes perfect sense.

Australians can take the time to consider their superannuation options because there is no time limit on choosing a new fund. The changes apply to employees working for a corporation who were previously employed under a state award. Known as notional agreement preserving state awards, these are old state awards which now fall under the federal workplace relations system.

Employers whose workers will benefit from the changes will have to give all new employees a standard choice form. Existing employees also now eligible to choose their own super provider can request this form from their employer at any time. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from the Superchoice website at www.superchoice.gov.au or by calling the Australian Taxation Office on 131 020. Questions relating to fund choice can also be directed to that number.

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