StarGazing with Lillith

While this weeks downside is likely to be tough critical feedback, its upside provides an accurate road-test of what current dreams and schemes need to meet current 21st century conditions...

ARIES: If the torture of small things starts running you ragged this week, dont waste time on clashes with red tape. You know how the system works and youre smart enough to figure out a way round it. Forget playing enforcer go the lateral approach.

TAURUS: Youll appreciate this efficient, no nonsense week which could bring an unexpected solution to a long standing problem. Dont be too quick to judge something out of the ordinary as a trojan horse could it be turned into a gift horse?

GEMINI: This is the week Apache Indians celebrate the energy of Changing Woman, and agent of change is one of your cherished roles netting new ideas and perspectives to share around. Avoiding of course those loaded words should, must and ought.

CANCER: This Fridays full Moon in Pisces stirs things up, and weekend Aries Moon keeps on stirring. A niggly, argumentative week so if youre not feeling flash, lie low and keep out of the firing line. The truth isnt out there, its in there.

LEO: Even the most eloquent, entertaining words wont count for everything this week. What matters most is the way you behave, what you do rather than what you say. And most of all the real acid test how you make people feel.

VIRGO: No matter how valiantly you plan or prepare for every contingency this week, chance is likely to step in and reshuffle the deck. Which is when smart Virgos understand thats the universes clue to go with the flow and allow for changes, variations, even delightful surprises.

LIBRA: Youll make your own luck this week by being agreeable, but theres no need to go overboard playing the pleaser. Be your own best friend no matter what anyone else thinks about your insisting on value for money and driving surprisingly hard bargains.

SCORPIO: Your burning determination to contribute in a noteworthy manner of your own choosing will make a splendid new venture look pretty appealing this week. About which your stars have two words: research and homework.

SAGITTARIUS: This is the week ancient Rome held games celebrating your boss planet Jupiter. The week India honours Ganesh, abundance-attracting remover of obstacles. The week potent Pluto moves out of retrograde in Sagittarius. And indisputably the week for following your lucky impulse

CAPRICORN: Expect power plays with someone (else) wanting to run the show this week, and possible aggravating interference from authority figures. That said, the upside looks like bringing a successful business coup always a number one mood enhancer.

AQUARIUS: This weeks only interested in workable information, commonsense facts, nuts and bolts propositions. Anything too woo woo or out there is likely to get the rough end of the critical pineapple, so better wear your sensible hat and look serious

PISCES: With Virgo vibes hustling everyone to redefine their lives you might be feeling somethings missing without knowing exactly what that is. This week its likely to show up unexpectedly or at least flash you a neon clue as to where you might find it.

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