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Directed by Ray Lawrence

Rated M

Following just a few weeks after the British film Separate Lies, which deals with actions and consequences, is Jindabyne. From the award-winning director of Lantana comes this haunting story of life, death and the choices people make. Based around the NSW town and surrounding countryside this powerful drama will leave you wanting more. It will also have you questioning the unusual actions of its characters.

Why, for example, would four grown men leave a dead girl floating in the river where they found her while they continued to enjoy their fishing trip? This is something I can not for the life of me relate too. But then, Im not all that keen on fishing!

Anyway, this strange decision will have far reaching consequences, not only for best mates Stewart (Gabriel Byrne), Carl (John Howard), Rocco (Stellos Yiakmis) and Billy (Simon Stone) but also for their partners and families.

The callousness of their act affects the whole town people seem to be more upset by it than the actual murder.

Stewarts wife Claire (Laura Linney) is particularly horrified. She becomes obsessed with trying to put things right, almost losing her husband and son in the process. Meanwhile, everybody seems to have forgotten there is a murderer on the loose...

Director Ray Lawrence is renowned for extracting terrific performances from his actors and this is certainly evident in Jindabyne. The acting is faultless, even the youngest cast members, the two children, are totally believable. But this isnt just a film about a murdered girl and the men who find her. Its about the drama of everyday life and human emotions at their rawest.

There is no happy, feel-good Hollywood conclusion its up to the viewer to speculate on what may or may not happen. And although leisurely paced, it is never boring. It grabs hold and wont let go.

Jindabyne also stars Chris Haywood, Deborah lee-Furness, Eva Lazzaro, Leah Purcell, Sean Rees-Wemyss, Alice Garner, Tatia Reilly and Betty Lucas.

A must-see for those who appreciate quality cinema.

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