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Intersection of Ross Lane and Pacific HighwayThe Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is currently undertaking a review of the fatal intersection of the Pacific Highway and Ross Lane. I have received advice from the Parliamentary Secretary for Roads that the review will include the issue of speed zoning. The main problem is turning right from Ross Lane onto the Pacific Highway the issue being sight distance and it being a 100km/h zone. I have received written advice that the RTA is reviewing various intersections along the Pacific Highway to identify if any changes are necessary to improve road safety. This includes the Ross Lane intersection. I understand that review has already commenced and monitoring of the intersection is underway. It is vital the safety and speed limit at this intersection are reviewed as it remains a notorious black spot.Many motorists use the Ross Lane intersection with the Pacific Highway every day and it is so important the safety of these motorists is ensured.Ballina bypass

The federal and state governments have announced RTA Operations has been awarded the $20 million contract to carry out the initial works on the Ballina bypass, with work due to start next month.

The pre-construction phase will involve the creation of earth embankments over the soft floodplain soils in areas along the bypass route. Initial earthworks will be carried out near Teven Road and Emigrant Creek at Cumbalum. Settlement of up to 4.5 metres is possible around the northern end of Emigrant Creek and up to three metres around Teven Road.

The length of the approved Ballina bypass is 12.4km of divided carriageway, 6.6km shorter than the equivalent section of the existing Pacific Highway, and will be of significant benefit to the Ballina community by removing traffic from the town.

The federal and state governments announced in December last year the Ballina bypass was fully funded and construction would start as soon as possible.

I expect tenders to build and maintain the Ballina bypass will be called in mid 2007.

Legacy Week 2006

This week, August 27 to September 3, is Legacy Week. Legacy was established in 1923 by ex-servicemen dedicated to the task of caring for the widows and dependents of their comrades. Legacy now cares for more than 126,000 widows and 1900 children and disabled dependents around Australia, providing advice and assistance, accommodation, medical and social support.

Legacy will be selling badges in and around the Ballina electorate this week during their major annual fundraiser.

Community groups rally for homeless

Community groups rally for homeless

Community groups rally for homeless at the Winsome

Art recognises the memory

Art recognises the memory

Gallery plays host to new Art & Dementia Program

Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

hygge is the Danish word for enjoying life's simple pleasures

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