StarGazing with Lillith

This no-mucking-about, Sun/Mars/Mercury in Virgo week wants things sorted. Its in no mood to tolerate waffle and favours clear thinking backed up by facts, and ideas that earn their keep.

ARIES: When Aries are on a mission theres a tendency to assume a similar level of interest and commitment from others unreasonably, some think. Go easy on the expectations and demands this week or expect mutiny in the ranks.

TAURUS: Prevarication or indecision could seem like irritating obstacles blocking this weeks progress and evaporating your usual patience. Nobody ever wants to see a Tauran lose their temper so if you start steaming, shelve the agenda and do something enjoyable instead.

GEMINI: With your planetary ruler Mercury in the sign of Getting Stuff Done, this week youll be able to come up with time-saving, energy-efficient, better, faster and more stylish ways of doing the usual. Plus some new and improved ideas about healthier living, which is the more important bit.

CANCER: If something youve been counting on hasnt eventuated well, its a rich universe and theres plenty more opportunities out there with your name on. Relaxed, amusing characters who bring out your wild side are this weeks best medicine.

LEO: A poor choice of words or irritable outburst could cause upset this week. Lions hate using the S word, but would you want to be like our Leo prime minister? Saying sorry goes a long way towards making amends. Youd better mean it though, because people will know.

VIRGO: As your boss planet Mercury joins motivating Mars and the Sun in Virgo, you get even more driven towards organisation and structure. Just remember this week that mess isnt the enemy. Its the basic creative stuff you make order out of your existential play dough.

LIBRA: Even if you cant entirely get your way with this week, youll have fun trying though luring others away from the too, too serious zone could be hard slog. Everyone will be grateful for your remarkable skill in anticipating whats needed even when those needs are unexpressed.

SCORPIO: Its easy to be cynical about the harsh realities of this world. But doing something, no matter how small, to help someone else does make a difference a difference thats worth making this week, when it will have long term repercussions. Like a pebble dropped in a pond

SAGITTARIUS: You might see nothing wrong with the honest, brut style of communication, but its likely to stir others up like a kitchen whizz this week. If you start feeling exasperated try not to get caustic even if you have to grit your teeth, because allies are always better than enemies.

CAPRICORN: People are naturally drawn to Capricorns as sensible sounding boards. This week your words and ideas carry even more weight than usual, so apply your advice to your own life. Ask the hard questions about what youre prepared to let go in order to move forward.

AQUARIUS: This Virgoan week favours order, organisation and careful arrangement. Anything slapdash, carelessly prepared or hastily cobbled together wont be appreciated and could work against you, so if youre improvising its going to have to be convincing.

PISCES: You might be surprised to hear it, but fantasies youd never have imagined would progress past the dream stage presently have a chance of making it to the material level. Watch for opportunities this week theres likely to be many different kinds.

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Community groups rally for homeless

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Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

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