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Snakes on a Plane

Directed by David Ellis

Rated M

When I first saw the trailer for Snakes on a Plane I thought, what in the blazes was Samuel L Jackson thinking when he signed on for this load of cobblers!

Well, after viewing Snakes on a Plane I still think its a load of rubbish but it sure is an entertaining flight!

No prizes for guessing what its about the title pretty much says it all. And thank the Lord for Samuel L Jackson. His presence gives this schlock horror slime-fest some credibility and raises its creepy crawly value from D Grade to B Grade.

Jackson stars as FBI Agent Nelville Flynn. If youre ever on a plane that has no pilots but is chockers full of extremely aggressive venomous snakes then hes the kind of guy you want to have around.

Hes escorting an important witness from Hawaii to LA and thinks he has covered every contingency. Turns out he forgot one. Snakes on the plane! Whod have guessed it! In fact a whole crate of snakes, all deadly and pumped for the kill, have been placed there by the crime boss in order to eliminate the witness. Shame about the other passengers and crew members.

The internet hype surrounding Snakes on a Plane has been phenomenal and the film unashamedly targets teenage male computer users. What this guaranteed audience demanded, they got. And what they wanted was more gore, more chills and thrills, more titillation and more snakes.

So dont expect subtlety here. Or high art or any Academy Award winning performances. As Samuel L Jackson put it: this aint Snakes on Brokeback Mountain.

What you can expect is extremely graphic, in-your-face death and mayhem at 30,000 feet with plenty of cheap laughs thrown in to break the tension. For example, guess where the man gets bitten when hes taking a leak? Now thats classy!

It sounds like Im giving it a bad rap and I sure wasnt expecting much (which was probably a good thing) however I actually had a fun time with Snakes on a Plane. This film doesnt pretend to be anything but cheap entertainment that isnt meant to be taken seriously and its achieved its goal. Its very entertaining in a squirmy, stomach churning way. Just dont take your 10-year-old nephew. And did the dog really have yo die? Snakes on a Plane also stars Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Benjamin McKenzie, Rachel Blanchard and Kenan Thompson. Not for the faint-hearted.

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