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Leonine extravagance, overindulgence and overspending has finally reached its outer limits now everyones willpower gets a boost towards Virgoan health improvements, fitness resolutions and financial B&D

ARIES: This week ancient Romans celebrated Volcanalia, thunderbolts from heaven. Here on earth you could have something hit you like a bolt from the blue: unexpected news or a huge realisation. Or maybe just something falling off a shelf, so watch your step.

TAURUS: Free with advice for others, Taurans tend to be uncomfortable or just plain hard of hearing when theyre on the receiving end. But this week brings information you wont be able to ignore during health conscious Virgo transits little things get bigger unless theyre attended to.

GEMINI: Certain imaginative plans could plummet to earth this week when you realise just how much hard slogs really involved in getting them up and running. Extravagance may have to be rejigged to fit practical realities. Smaller will start to look more attractive more achievable, anyway.

CANCER: Cancerians casa is their castle, and youll be wanting to kick back there after the social sizzle of recent weeks maybe following the advice of this weeks birthday poet Ogden Nash: Home is heaven and orgies are vile, But you need an orgy once in a while

LEO: Leos are undeniably generous but extremely possessive about what they consider personal property. This weeks birthday therapist is Leo primal screamer Arthur Janov, and youll roar too if you scent a takeover silence as a means of expressing disapproval being so not your style.

VIRGO: As this weeks Sun and Moon join Mars in Virgo for your annual Dont Worry, Be Happy month, promise yourself this year youll relax, take it easy, stress less and enjoy more. Then keep this promise to yourself as you would a commitment to anyone else.

LIBRA: This is the week ancient Greeks celebrated Nemesis a deity whos received bad press in recent times but is actually the Libran principle of Divine Equaliser. If youve been living lavish and maxing the plastic, this weeks Virgo energy weighs in on the sensible end of your scales.

SCORPIO: This weeks clean-up-your-act transit brings plenty of energy for attending to things youve been putting off. Addressing the messy details in your life file streamlining, downsizing, getting something thats been out of whack in your life onto a more level playing field.

SAGITTARIUS: You mightnt want to hear it, but the next few weeks of Virgo transits are best used for slowing down, taking stock of resources and focussing on the practical, day to day steps necessary for putting those new plans youve been dreaming up into practice.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns are by nature giving people who honour their commitments. But take glowing promises your own as well as other peoples with a grain of salt right now, because the will to fulfill them could clash with this weeks drawing-in, nuts and bolts reality.

AQUARIUS: It wouldnt do to be easily offended by criticism or the inattention of others this week, but then youre not likely to. It would be wise though to avoid arguments in which giving your opinion will be like trying to put out fire with gasoline.

PISCES: This weeks influx of Virgo energys particularly kind to Pisceans, bringing the chance to take life to a new level. A fresh look at finances, resources and credit is recommended. Business advice should be reliable and Jupiter could sling some unexpected dollars your way.

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High five all you awesome women out there

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