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I dont want to say much this week. (Yeah, I know, thats unusual.) The world goes its own way no matter how many words I spit into the winds of ominous change. (It all comes back on you...)

Though I must say the Herb Fest (or whatever the latest name for it is talk about sabotaging brand recognition) was a warm community event. And community is where our future lies in these uncertain times.

It was refreshing to see performers enjoying themselves playing for the community outside of the alcohol industry.

It brought a nostalgic smile to my face watching parents and their children sharing the non-digital outdoor activities beside our tired old river.

But this week I just want to acknowledge the upcoming wedding of a friend.

This Saturday, he and his beloved (I love that word) will join in wedlock (and that one... though weddings arent as locked as they used to be) at his home under the same cliffs I have lived under for many years.

This friend has shown me a thing or two.

He showed me that political action can be honourable. And effective. He guided me away from denial to confront the brutalities and injustices of the world and somehow, as he knew it would, the confrontation made me stronger. And happier. (And Recherche Bay was saved.)

Being a Jedi master he taught and then knighted me. At my last birthday, witnessed by the tribe, he brought me into the ways of the Force. We have now walked together at night, the path under the cliffs lit by our light sabres, our minds drifting together past the outer planets and the reflective wallaby eyes.

He has shown me that automatic cars dont need automatic transmission fluid and that the Tender Center (sic) is a modern day temple where miracles do happen.

He showed me that WOOFERS can be cost effective if you teach them the benefits of a raw-food, vegetarian, alcohol and drug-free lifestyle.

He has shown me that Thai fisherman pants, tie-dyed shirts and Hare Krishna bags are cool.

Actually, lets just say theyre cool for him.

Actually, lets say nothing about such, ahem, fashion.

Im happy for you, my friend. Youre getting married. And to a woman! From Earth!!

May the Force be with you and the princess.

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