Former showgirls relive glory days

Robyn Waldron (nee Slade) said her experience as the 1977 Miss Showgirl (right) gave her a huge sense of self-confidence that has remained with her all her life.

Robyn Waldrons grandmother hounded her to enter the Lismore Miss Showgirl competition for 12 months, but she was too shy. When she had a stroke, Robyn decided to put her fears aside and do it for her grandmother and ended up being named Miss Showgirl 1977.

She was there the night of the presentation, said Robyn. I think she was prouder than anybody, even my mother. She always wanted to do something like that but never had the opportunity.

The competition gave the shy 18-year-old a huge sense of self-worth that has stayed with her all her life.

I would never have been an art gallery director if I hadnt had that confidence, she said. I wouldnt have been able to get up and give speeches. Id say to kids these days go for it. The experience is phenomenal.

North Coast National A & I Society secretary, Julie James, is currently looking for entrants for the showgirl competition as well as former winners from the last 30 years who would like to be part of a special reunion on October 14.

The competition actually began in 1962, but Julie said they decided going back 30 years was enough of a challenge.

A recurring theme coming through already is how much the showgirls enjoyed it, she said. It was an experience they wouldnt have missed for anything. I was a city girl, so I never had the opportunity

To enter this years showgirl competition, or to find out about the reunion, contact 6621 5916.

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