StarGazing with Lillith

As Mercury and Venus join the Sun and Saturn in the sign of the Lion for the years most leonine week, extra cares recommended around fire and flame whether thats cigarettes, stoves, heating appliances, high temperatures or inflammatory words...

ARIES: Though any suggestion of compromising your unique style is invariably met with stubborn resistance, this week will benefit from teaming up with others. Co-operative partnership will enable you to achieve much more than youd be able to flying solo.

TAURUS: Opinions wont be heard, heeded or appreciated this week so dont bother just enjoy whats on offer. When those who didnt listen to your wise advice come to you with their problems, resist the impulse to say I told you so. Take it as a compliment and give them a hand.

GEMINI: Youll have to adapt that high voltage Gemini energy so its compatible with more conventional appliances or you could burn others out this week not to mention frying your own wires. Make a point of not promising anything you mightnt be able to follow up on.

CANCER: Present portents are ragingly favourable. But are they struggling to fill up your cup with love and money because its already chokka with fossilised security props and ancient attitudes? Abundance needs space, Crabs clear it a landing pad if inundations what you want this week.

LEO: This is your dazzling Majestys prime time birth week of Napoleon, Madonna, screen bad boy Sean Penn and witty Mae West (When Im good Im very, very good but when Im bad, Im better). Youll be infuriating and push peoples buttons and be so adorably funny theyll still love you.

VIRGO: Leo Venus escalates relationship heat this week, wanting increasingly demonstrative expressions of affection and sulking if she doesnt get it. Sure youre busy, and yes theyre demanding but even so, neglecting the luurve sector isnt good for anyone.

LIBRA: This week has the rampant blessing of the cosmic party gods. Theyre in an extravagant, Venusian mood and you are too. Celebrations dont have to be expensive to be enjoyable if finances are tight, think simple pleasures. You of all people can do style that doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

SCORPIO: This weeks people are anti-authoritarian (all authority but their own), impatient, ego driven, shamelessly self-promoting slaves to their emotions. That said, its dead easy to see what they want you only need figure out the most enjoyable way of giving it to them.

SAGITTARIUS: This is the week that ancient Romans celebrated Diana the huntress, that independent, outdoorsy Sagittarian deity who lived life entirely on her own terms, unaffected by peer pressure or bad press your own best course of action right now.

CAPRICORN: While you consider it treason to put feelings before reason, this week has a low boiling point and wont suffer in silence. Conducting its volatile energies into a productive symphony will be an interesting exercise, since everyone else has their own firm and determined ideas too

AQUARIUS: Petty tyrants, attention hogs, ego clashes, arrogance and bossy behaviour are this weeks downside. But when its glass is half full of generous gestures, great entertainment, romantic stimulation and excellent business connections, does that really matter?

PISCES: Five planets in fixed signs means this weeks people are in Out of my way, Off with their heads mode so approach it in theatrical terms, then youll have the edge. Because while most people can only play one version of themselves, you Fish can slip into a whole smorgasbord of roles

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