Never judge a book by its cover

Lismore Living Library committee member Brian Taylor and Lismore Librarys Lucy Kinsley are looking for local people who fancy the idea of being a living book.

Lismore Library is taking the idea of a good read one step further with the Lismore Living Library project.

Developed by local community members and based on an innovative concept that was successfully set up in Denmark to counter racism, the Lismore Living Library involves books like no other you have ever read. They are real people, and these living books can be borrowed from the library for half hour sessions by schools, community groups or anyone whos interested.

Besides being a fascinating idea, the focus of the Living Library project is to celebrate diversity and promote mutual respect and appreciation amongst people in the community.

The great hope of this project is that it will create harmony, said committee member Brian Taylor. By putting different members of the community face to face with people from walks of life they have never encountered and listening to their stories, hopefully they will come away from the experience with the realisation that beneath our differences we are very much the same.

In other words, never judge a book by a cover.

The Lismore Living Library will be launched in early November, and more living books are needed so they have a well-rounded collection.

So far the bookcase contains people from all walks of life: a Lebanese migrant, a person living with HIV, a lesbian feminist, a local Aboriginal person, a senior citizen, a police officer, a vision impaired person, a Sudanese refugee, a Muslim woman and a person living in an alternative community.

We are most interested in people from minority groups who feel discriminated against and have great stories to tell about succeeding against the odds, said Brian. But we also just want to have a huge range of people because the more the merrier.

If you feel you might make for a good read contact Brian on 6688 6135 or Sabina on 6688 6214.

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