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Separate Lies

Directed by Julian Fellowes

Rated M

Feeling viced out movie-wise? The thought of sitting through another cartoon makes you want to eat your grandmother? Dont care if you never see a comic book character brought to life on the big screen? I know exactly how you feel. Time for a dose of quality drama.

And nobody does quality drama like the Brits. Intrigue, death, secrets, lies, illicit rumpy-pumpy... and dont forget absolutely fantastic acting! Theres all this and more to savour in the latest feature from the land of hope and glory: Separate Lies.

Actor and writer Julian Fellowes who won an Oscar for his screenplay for Gosford Park has added another string to his bow, making his debut as director of this superb drama which also stars three of Britains finest actors.

To the outside world they appear to be the perfect couple (Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson). Hes a successful solicitor, shes the perfect housewife. They have the perfect townhouse and the perfect country retreat. They even have the perfect pet. But it only takes a split second for all that to change. One wrong decision and a man will lose his life. Suddenly their world isnt looking so perfect. And the question is: was it ever?

Every act has a consequence. We all make choices every day. Most are trivial, like deciding what to wear, or what to have for breakfast. Then there are the choices we make which will affect us for the rest of our lives. These can be catastrophic. They can destroy marriages and destroy lives. Ask yourself: when is it better to tell the truth? When is it better to lie?

Separate Lies is British drama at its best. Engrossing, compelling... I could go on but you get the picture. So make one of those decisions now. Decide to see Separate Lies you wont regret it.

The terrific cast also includes Rupert Everett, Hermione Norris, Linda Bassett, John Neville and David Harewood.

Highly recommended.

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