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You know how animals change their behaviour when theres a natural disaster going to happen?

The elephants of Sri Lanka lumbered for the hills hours before the tsunami hit. The wetland birds of New Orleans paid the bill and skipped town before Katrina knocked on the door.

Animals have a built-in sensitivity to the environment. Theyre connected to a rhythm that many of we civilised types dont feel. We march to a different drum. The hum drum of a technological life separated from the natural pulse. Well, some of us anyway.

I reckon the local weirdos can tell when danger is imminent.

Theres that guy who walks around without shoes, head down and mumbling to himself. I mean thats fine but the other day he really freaked me out he was wearing shoes! Okay, they werent a matching pair, but its scary anyway. Stick a mobile to his ear and even the mumbling would look sort of normal.

When the weirdos become normal then something weird is going on.

Theres that guy in the dress. He wears pigtails with ribbons and a beard. He talks European philosophy and hair care in a deep voice and has a penchant for school dresses.

Then he went up to Mt Isa and got a job in the mines. Hes changed. Hes shaved the beard and wears business skirts.

What is going on?

Is there a cyclone coming? The weather people say definitely no which makes you wonder.

Theres that pair of drunks that sit in the park every day drinking something from a brown paper bag. Well, the other morning they were sipping a drink that wasnt blue. And from picnic glasses!

What is happening?

I dont think its a tsunami. The animals havent started for the hills. They continue to bleat like sheep in meaningless sound bytes and ride the third worlds back through an undeserved economic prosperity.

It could be that war in the Middle East. (Which war? you ask. Doesnt matter. Just pick one.) Maybe we who bomb may get some in return.

You know that guy who constantly scratches his arms to the point of bleeding and sucks his bottom lip in nervous apprehension? Hes changed. He nows scratches his chin and it makes him look sort of thoughtful. Which goes with the contemplative lip sucking. What is he thinking? What does he know?

The fringe dwellers of our culture are sensing something huge, ominous and imminent.

Theres something in the air...

Its carbon dioxide.

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