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Seniors Watch

I was pleased to launch Seniors Watch last week, with the assistance of Wayne Swan, Shadow Treasurer.

Seniors Watch is an opportunity for local seniors to keep me informed of how federal government policies are affecting seniors locally. It is a community driven initiative that came about as a direct result of the actions of local seniors.

We are fortunate that we have such an active community of seniors here in Richmond. Lately there has been a marked increase in the number of seniors coming forward to tell me about their issues.

Local seniors are telling me that John Howard has gone too far, that he doesnt understand the pressure that seniors are under and that he is not even listening.

Well I am listening. I believe that seniors built our nation. It is important to me to hear first hand how federal government policy affects senior constituents in the Richmond electorate.

Seniors Watch will monitor the pressures that local seniors are under including:

Skyrocketing petrol prices.

Rising costs of healthcare.

Increases in the cost of living such as food and telephone.

Ill take the issues raised through Seniors Watch to Canberra. We need to make sure that our seniors are respected not forgotten. I encourage local seniors to contact me with their concerns. Working together we can keep a watchful eye on John Howard.

Interest rates

John Howard has broken his promise to keep interest rates low. This third rise comes courtesy of Howard Government policy failures.

The Reserve Bank has been warning Howard and Costello for 18 months that this would happen what has he done to stop it? Nothing! John and Peter have been too busy bickering about who gets to be king of the castle; they should have been focussing on putting downward pressure on inflation.

Not only will this be the third rise it is also a triple whammy: interest rates, extreme industrial relations laws and petrol prices. Local workers are already scared of losing their jobs, now, thanks to John Howard and Peter Costello, local families are scared of losing their houses too.

Locals are telling me that they already feel under pressure. Families are already struggling with big mortgages and household debt together with an ever increasing cost of living. This latest rise is a kick in the guts for hardworking Australians.

Office contacts

Ph: 1300 720 675

Fax: 6277 5379

Address: PO Box 6996, Tweed Heads South, NSW, 2486


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