Leo poet John Dryden wanted joy ruling the day and

Leo poet John Dryden wanted joy ruling the day and love the night dancing, drinking, laughing, quaffing and unthinking though the unthinking bits not recommended during midweek full Moon

ARIES: A contentious, combative attitude will quickly dissipate the goodwill available this week. People are always antsy round full Moon and your emphatic attitudes could be misunderstood. User-friendliness is your recommended word dont let your ego get the upper hand.

TAURUS: Youll be a tower of strength for those under your wing this week. Great team players too so long as youre boss. An unexpected meeting, unusual sponsor or unconventional offer, something out of the ordinary youd usually dismiss, is worth more than a second glance.

GEMINI: Youre on full throttle and the safe, secure option probably wont interest you this week. Too boring. No, youll want to take on something big mission impossible and make that work. Sleep on it till after full Moon, let it percolate during dark Moon, then look at it fresh on the new Moon

CANCER: This weeks the birthday of exotic dancer and double agent Mata Hari smart cookie, but look how she ended up. Even a clever Crab playing two sides against each other could come to grief this week. Youre better off aiming for some sort of accord.

LEO: While this weeks Leo birthday poet Tennyson sympathised with that universal feeling of So much to do, so little done, he nevertheless recommended: Follow it, follow The Gleam And have no scandal while you dine, but honest talk and wholesome wine. Id agree.

VIRGO: Virgos are always interested in improvements and this week youll be fine tuning, but dont get too set in one direction. Think variety. Listen to different opinions, stay open to new options. Take a realistic look at what works, what doesnt and what just possibly might.

LIBRA: Quirky definitely works this week bizarre means youve gone too far, which Librans arent likely to. But others are, in vastly entertaining and unexpected ways. Change isnt going away, but since its quite positive, why knock yourself out trying to keep things the way they were?

SCORPIO: Its full Moon, when people get frazzled, fractious, emotional, edgy, demanding and easily miffed. Step on toes and youll hear squeals. Tread carefully and youll still hear them because you cant please everyone. Despite, or because of, the above its still an exciting week.

SAGITTARIUS: A stimulating week with people in the kind of devil may care, have a go mood that excites you. Travel looks good, but even without it youre on a journey of personal discovery. Taking the micky will be simply irresistible and while some laugh, others definitely wont be amused

CAPRICORN: If you feel fixity creeping like slow set cement into this weeks decisions, reverse the process by staying open: to informed advice, different opinions, new views. Think about how much you value affection and support and how much more youd have if you let people closer.

AQUARIUS: Its this years Aquarius full Moon, the cosmic jokers wild and peoples energy all over the place. Drive carefully, be discreet and if you need a sympathetic ear or shoulder, find one. And keep repeating your personal mantra for a less stressy and more successful week: Listen.

PISCES: Theres a squillion ways to make a buck and this week creativity pays. Others might consider your plans fanciful but never mind that the seeds of whatever you plant now should bring wild and wonderful results. Unexpected assistance will let you know when youre on the right track.

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High five all you awesome women out there

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PHOTOS: Did we take your photo in the Q&A audience?

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