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The Lake House

Rated PG

Directed by Alejandro Agresti

Believe it or not its been 12 years since Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves heated up our cinema screens in the blockbuster Speed, and theyve been waiting all this that time for a suitable project in which they could reunite and hopefully rekindle that onscreen chemistry. And their surprising choice is this time travelling romantic drama The Lake House.

Sandra Bullock plays Dr Kate Forester. Her residency is over and shes decided to relocate to Chicago but this means leaving her dream home, a beautiful and very impractical all glass house perched above a lake. Known simply as the Lake House its the place where she has felt truly happy. However, its time for her and her dog Jack to move on. Before she goes she puts a note in the mailbox asking the new tenant to forward her mail and apologises for the painted paw prints near the front door which were there when she moved in. The year is 2006.

This is when things start to get complicated.

When the next tenant moves in, a handsome architect called Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves), the house is suddenly run down and neglected. It looks like no-one has lived there for years and there are definitely no doggie paw prints. There is however a note waiting for him in the letterbox from someone called Kate Forester asking him to forward on her mail. But now its 2004! Whats happening?

Good question. Dont ask me! I didnt get it and Im not a person who has trouble suspending belief or understanding convoluted plots. This just didnt make any sense and I got a headache trying to work it out.

Somehow, through a magical mailbox, the two can pass on messages to each other and communicate through time. Even fall in love...

The Lake House positively screams chick flick and I know lots of people will enjoy it, fall in love with the characters and story, maybe even shed a few tears. But not me. I found Kate and Alex such a pair of sad-sacks I couldnt have cared less if they were stuck on a speeding bus with a bomb on it. Hey, that could make a really good movie! And lets leave all the time travelling to a certain doctor.

The Lake House also stars Christopher Plummer, Dylan Walsh and Shohreh Aghdashloo.

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