At last!

At last! Mercury moving out of retrograde peps up general energetics like a giant hit of wasabi, and events that have been dragging on interminably finally move closer to closure this week

ARIES: Aries have a horror of being cogs in a corporate wheel, and should this cause conflict this week, dont act against your own best interests. Trouble with authoritys likely to be costly right now so be courteous, even to people you dislike. Keep public relations cordial.

TAURUS: Taurans arent into wanky hanky panky, and your material worlds looking pretty good right now anyway. Though you so want to be on top of things youre a bit driven but dont be so on a mission you power steer right by this weeks great new connections and creative allies.

GEMINI: This week puts its foot on the accelerator, presses pedal to the metal and hurtles you into the busy social whirl and swirl to meet people with hot off the press information, the latest financial ideas, shopping tips, professional contacts and interesting business propositions.

CANCER: As retro Mercury fades away, the beneficial effects of frustration become apparent. The recent intense longing to break out of your routine, stretch your horizons and extend your experiential menu could have you instigating significant life changes at long last.

LEO: While northern hemisphere Celts celebrate Lughnasa, lets hear it for Leos, the Sun in this weeks world: those contradictory felines who reserve the right to express themselves freely while denying it to those who disagree with them. Who wont be bossed but love to be boss

VIRGO: Virgos like having their say, but with Lion energy ascendant this weeks critics risk becoming well, dead meat. Yes, people are demanding, dramatic and exhaustingly self absorbed, so concentrate on positives: theyre also entertaining, generous and outrageous fun.

LIBRA: No need to go along with this weeks nobody-loves-a-loser propaganda. You know better than anyone that a graceful retreat is one of lifes more valuable dance steps, though pointing it out to this weeks people is likely to be labelled your negative opinion Theyll get over it.

SCORPIO: Scorpios set strong boundaries against space invaders. But while its not worth taking sides in gossip or dramas this week, youll have more success being sociable than a loner, being less competitive and more co-operative, getting others on side rather than getting their backs up.

SAGITTARIUS: With drama queens barging about producing, directing and starring in their own movie extravaganzas, this weeks ego heat is intense. You wont want to be told what to do or how to do it, but really youre better off letting tiresome power trips roll on without comment.

CAPRICORN: Who you are will have more effect on others this week than anything you say or do, so make your presence felt and notch your spunk rating up a few rungs by seasoning your personal presentation with a little extra debonair, out-there flair.

AQUARIUS: This week neither peer pressure nor popular opinion will sway you from doing what you believe in even if thats setting up your own business rather than conforming to corporate laws. Your original brilliance might not be immediately understood, but dont let that stop you.

PISCES: This weeks all systems go energy is organised, dominant, decisive and hard to stop. If youre feeling a bit bulldozed, dont proceed or co-operate till it feels right especially if a financial outlays involved. Let the Piscean genius for enlisting the right assistance be your guide.

Here's to the next 25 years of light and friendship

Here's to the next 25 years of light and friendship

Lismore attracts thousands to its lantern and friendship festival

25th Lantern Parade is show of pride for city of Lismore

25th Lantern Parade is show of pride for city of Lismore

Lantern Parade is bigger and better than ever

Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has new leader

Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has new leader

Chamber gets new co-president